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For the past 5 years, the La Preuve par 9 festival has been showcasing various artistic applications of mathematics. This year, theatre takes the spotlight with workshops, conferences, and performances, incorporating mathematical constraints for each event. For the poster assignment, the festival aimed to offer a fresh perspective on mathematics in a more accessible way, breaking away from the often dull and traditional approach.


Anamorphosis as Staging

The concept of anamorphosis takes centre stage in the poster's visual representation. Anamorphosis is a visual distortion achieved through mathematical transformations. It's a playful technique that challenges our perception of space. The poster encourages viewers to explore it from different angles, adjusting their perspective to uncover the hidden message, much like a game of hide-and-seek. By actively engaging with the artwork, viewers become aware of the distortions in the representation across various planes. They personally experience the rules of perspective: lines shifting, stretching, and shrinking, while planes move closer or recede. The space undergoes transformations, all the while revealing elements that remain unchanged.


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