Julie Chapalain

Julie Chapalain responds to graphic design commissions from the cultural, institutional and commercial field. She works on all types of communication, from conception to realisation.

Julie Chapalain


After completing a Master's degree at ESAAT in Roubaix (FR), my graphic explorations led me to the United Kingdom and Norway. I then settled in Saint-Brieuc (FR) to launch my professional journey as an independent graphic designer.

To me, graphic design is a commitment: understanding clients and their services is essential, but addressing the user is equally important. As designers, we are responsible for the visual environment in which people live. That's why I create graphic objects and visual solutions that renew, transform, and enrich experiences.

My aim is to surprise and challenge viewers by shaking up their expectations. I propose smart visuals that reinvent aesthetic codes and visual experiences, pushing the subject beyond generic symbolism.

I'm highly demanding when it comes to project depth, so I always begin by reflecting on the project's meaning. Constraints become solid building blocks for my work and lead to a coherent visual outcome. The graphic solution emerges naturally from the creative process and results in bold designs reflecting both my personal and collective culture. I'm inspired by contemporary art, cinema, and urban life.

Wouldn't it be great for our worlds to meet?


  • Creative Direction
  • Visual Identity
  • Digital Illustration
  • Print Design
  • Editorial
  • Poster Design
  • Web Design
  • Photography
  • Typography

Selected Clients

  • - TEDx Saint-Brieuc (FR)
  • - CAF des Côtes d’Armor (FR)
  • - Cité des Métiers des Côtes d’Armor (FR)
  • - Salon de la création et reprise d’entreprise (FR)
  • - La Citrouille (FR)
  • - Initiatives et Énergies Locales (FR)
  • - Les Éditions GD (FR)
  • - Le Temps des Sciences (FR)
  • - Prugent DIAM Portugal (PT)
  • - TerpeneTech (UK)

Publications (Books and Magazines)

Creative Bags Publisher: SendPoints
2014, China

Gwaskell Awen

Gwaskell Awen - which means "Press of Inspiration" in Breton - was co-founded in 2015 as an independent workshop for artisanal screen printing and self-publishing. A space for experimentation and meeting others, the workshop is inclusive and offers fun and creative exchanges around its expertise, including classes, workshops, school programs, and custom orders.

Gwaskell Awen is committed to the history and culture of its region and creates its graphic designs in the Breton language. All of its activities are conducted in both French and Breton. The workshop also participates in micro-publishing and artisanal printing events. Unfortunately, the adventure has come to an end. For a look back at the workshop's history, click here.

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